NATC Enabling Technology Logo V2 copyFounded in 2004, NATC has grown to become one of the leaders of IT products and services in Liberia. Our company was founded with one goal on mind: solving IT problems for organizations and businesses to help them to grow in Liberia.

Managed by Farzana Rasheed and Haresh Karamchandani, the company has operated for more than 8 years in Liberia, servicing businesses in the mining, banking and plantation industries, but also NGOs and governmental agencies.


The company is still built on the same principles:

  • Offer genuine and quality products at competitive prices: All the products we sell to our clients are genuine high quality products
  • Meet customers’ needs and requirements: We do our very best to make our clients happy and satisfied with the products and services we offer.
  • Be flexible: We are a small company used to operate in Liberia, meaning that we know how to get things done and find solutions, whatever happens.
  • Contribute to Liberia’s development: By hiring and training local staff, by bringing the latest technologies to the country and helping other organizations to grow in Liberia, we aim to contribute to the rebuilding process of Liberia.